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December 17, 2012

EAC and Heritage House Announce the First Annual "GIG CITY" FILM FESTIVAL

Gig City FINAL LOGO.jpgKris C. Jones | Create Your Badge

At the Holiday Open House in East Brainerd last night, Heritage House Director Chris Holley announced the launching of the first annual Gig City Film Festival.

Taking place on February 2, 2013 at Heritage House, the fest will be an all-day event featuring films as well as expert panelists. The festival's theme is "Five Films -- One Community Coming Together in a Season for Nonviolence" and builds on the initiative of the same name begun by the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute last year in cooperation with the Chattanooga Department of Education, Arts & Culture.

In addition to the EAC, the festival's sponsors include the Nashville Film Festival, the Tennessee Film, Music & Entertainment Commission and the Coalition of Independent Film Organizations. The festival is being funded through a Tennessee Arts grant.

The films, especially selected for this year's premiere incarnation of the festival, are:

Interruptes British poster.jpg

The Interrupters (2011 / Directed by Steve James / Not Rated): This film tells the story of a group of citizen activists, "The Interrupters" who make themselves urban diplomats in the heart of Chicago's low-income neighborhoods to put an end to the deadliest year in the city's history.

* A featured selection of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival

kinyarwanda HORIZ MED.jpg

Kinyarwanda (2011 / Directed by Alrick Brown / Not Rated): This film tells the story of a young Tutsi woman and a young Hutu man who fall in love amidst the chaos of intercountry genocide; a soldier who struggles to foster a greater good while absent from her family; and a priest who grapples with his faith in the face of unspeakable horror.

* One of Roger Ebert's "Top 11 Films of 2011"

Bully HORIZ ICON.jpg

Bully (2011 / Directed by Lee Hirsch / Rated PG-13): This renowned documentary on peer-to-peer bullying in schools across America hits especially close to home with the suicides of two Tennessee teens earlier this year.

* The film will be followed by a Q&A with the parents of Tyler Long, who took his own life after years of constant bullying.

* Winner of numerous awards, including "Critics Choice" for Best Documentary of 2012

Erasing Hate MED horiz.jpg

Erasing Hate (2011 / Directed by Bill Brummel / Not Rated): This shocking documentary goes inside the world of Bryon Widner, a former skinhead "pit bull", as he undergoes painful treatments to remove the physical representation of the hate he had exhibited to the world for more than half his life.

* Starting life as an MSNBC special, this documentary drew such critical acclaim that a film festival release quickly followed

Intouchables FR horiz MED poster.jpg

The Intouchables (2011 / Directed by Olivier Nakache & Eric Toledano / Rated R): After he becomes a quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker.

* Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film at the 2011 Academy Awards
* Voted "Audience Favorite" at the 2012 Nashville Film Festival

Trailers for all five films may be found at:

If You're Going -- Everything You Need to Know:

Who: The Chattanooga Department of Education, Arts & Culture with support from the Nashville Film Festival and the Tennessee Film Entertainment & Music Commission proudly present . . .

What: The Gig City Film Festival: A Season for Nonviolence

When: (All day): Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 from 9 am - 10 pm
* (For individual tickets, please see the screening schedule below)

- All-day pass (five films): $15.00 * (plus ticketing fee)
- Individual screening tickets available for $5 each * (plus ticketing fee)

Buy Tickets:
Available at the Memorial Auditorium Box Office or online at:

Etix logo MED.gif


* PLEASE NOTE: Ticket availability limited to existing venue capacity
** DOORS OPEN AT 8 AM with the first screening ("The Interrupters") getting underway at 9 am.

Heritage House Arts & Civic Center
(in Heritage Park just off East Brainerd Road)
1428 Jenkins Road
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421-3226

For more information, please visit:

Web: http://www.chattanooga.gov/education-arts-and-culture

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CameramanConrad





Screening Schedule

* Note: Lengths of films and breaks are in minutes following each title (i.e.: 90')

09:00 - 11:05: The Interrupters (125')

11:05 - 11:30 p.m.: BREAK #01 (25')

11:30 - 13:10: Kinyarwanda (100')

13:10 - 14:30: LUNCH (on your own) (80')

14:30 - 16:18: Bully (98')

16:18 - 16:30: BREAK #02 (12')

16:30-17:30: PANEL #02: School Bullying with the parents of student Tyler Long (60')

17:30 - 19:00: DINNER (on your own) (90')

19:00 - 19:45: Erasing Hate (45')

19:45 - 20:00: Break #03 (15')

20:00 - 21:52: GRAND FINALE: The Intouchables (112')


GWEI logo SM.png

The Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute (GWEI) ( http://www.gandhiforchildren.org )

GWEI's Mission:

The first priority of the Institute is to rescue children from the poorest sections of Indian society. These children are usually the first to become victims of criminal gangs. The second priority of GWEI is to build an institution that serves as a shelter as well as a learning institution where the aforementioned rescued children can receive a basic education.

Origins of GWEI:

In May of 2008, the Institute was founded in the United States by Arun Gandhi, grandson of M.K. Gandhi, to promote community-building in economically depressed areas of the world. This goal is achieved by the joining of Gandhian philosophy with vocational education for children and their parents.

Arun and his late wife, Sunanda, spent almost 30 years in India working with friends to help oppressed and abandoned children by utilizing Gandhi's philosophy of SARVODAYA -- the Welfare of All Citizens. Arun & Sunanda managed to rescue and find homes for hundreds of abandoned children as well as developing several economic programs that successfully changed the lives of thousands of impoverished people.

Recently, Gandhi Worldwide has embarked on an ambitious multi-pronged program to help eradicate the scourge of poverty and human degradation. As Gandhi once said: "Poverty is the worst form of violence," and insisted that it be tackled on all fronts, thereby ensuring human rights and dignity to all, especially those who are victims of societal exploitation.

The Institute, a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, is headquartered in Wauconda, IL.

GWEI's Guiding Principles:

The fabric of GWEI's vision is woven with the threads of three fundamental principles:

* SARVODAYA - To create communities with a foundation rooted in "the welfare of
all." Sarvodaya promotes self-determination and equality of all individuals
regardless of their socioeconomic status.

* WIDE EDUCATIONAL FOCUS - To promote both economic self-reliance and
spiritual uplift through educational programs that encompass both practical
vocational training as well as Gandhian philosophic teachings to better the mind
and spirit.

* FAMILY INVOLVEMENT - GWEI's incorporates the ancient proverb "It takes a village
to raise a child" as an ongoing principle. GWEI believes the successful education of
a child can only be achieved in part through an understanding of the importance of
parental involvement, and an involvement of the community in which that child is
cultivated. Due consideration to the negative impacts of parental non-
involvement is of equal importance.


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is one of the most significant figures of modern times. He began as an insignificant individual with no particular talents and gradually became a remarkable human being. He considered that everyone has the potential for ethical and spiritual growth, and that community is the most effective basis for our development. Gandhi's ideas have a relevance beyond his own time. His approach was holistic and evolved through experience.

Gandhi's core beliefs:

* Nonviolence to replace war and aggression.

* Egalitarian economics, emphasizing self-reliance, cooperation, and trusteeship.

* Simple lifestyles that avoid an endless quest for more possessions and superficial
experiences. This is essential to protect the planet's resources and ecology.

* Grassroots democracy that is decentralized, human-scale, and involves the active
participation of everyone.

* Tolerance and pluralism: Gandhi regarded different religions and philosophies as
each possessing some, but not the whole truth.

* Respect for animals and an end to their exploitation.

The Venue:

Heritage House MED creek.jpg

Heritage House Arts & Civic Center

Located in the East Brainerd area, Heritage House has been host to many a film event over the past four years, from playing the part of soundstage for the Professional Film & Television Training curriculum at Chattanooga State to that of an actual set for the film students of Southern Adventist University. More recently Heritage House has served as the quarterly venue for the ChattaMovies Open Screen Night for local independent filmmakers and the Film Noir Thursdays classic film series. Starting in February, Heritage House will morph again to take on its new role as The Backlot -- a "coffee house" for film makers and film lovers, both professional and novice.


The Chattanooga Department of Education, Arts & Culture (EAC)

The City of Chattanooga Department of Education, Arts & Culture, led by Founding Administrator Missy Crutchfield, provides a wide variety of activities throughout the city through its civic facilities and centers, such as Heritage House.
The Civic Facilities Department of EAC manages, maintains and promotes the use of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium and the Tivoli Theatre. These venues offer a gathering place for all citizens to enjoy the performing arts and special events. They also host a wide variety of programming for school groups and young children.

The Civic Centers promote the arts with programs that include art, craft, music and film classes at Eastgate Senior Activity Center, Heritage House, North River Civic Center, and the EAC Pottery Studio at the John A. Patten Recreation Center.

In addition to programs and information, publications are released to further enhance the awareness of the arts. EAC's programs and events are open to the entire community, the incarnation of their official slogan: "There's a role for everyone to play!
The Sponsors:

Nashville Film Fest logo CROP.jpg

The Nashville Film Festival (NaFF)

The Nashville Film Festival's purpose is to bring diverse groups of people together in the discovery and celebration of extraordinary, challenging films from around the world.
The overall goal of NaFF is to foster a community that is more informed, collaborative, and alive.

Founded in 1969 by Mary Jane Coleman, the NaFF was originally known as the Sinking Creek Film Celebration. Renamed the Nashville Independent Film Festival in 1998, and later the Nashville Film Festival in 2003, NaFF was voted one of "25 film festivals worth the entry fee" by MovieMaker Magazine and highlighted as "One of the Best Film Festival Prizes" by Film Festival Today. Brooks Photographic Institute in California named it one of the top five film festivals in the U.S.

Tennessee Film, Entertainment & Music Commission

The purpose of the Tennessee Film Entertainment & Music Commission is to promote and facilitate economic development of the film/music community through the recruitment of business; promoting Tennessee as a location in feature films, television productions, commercials, and other works, building infrastructure, and encouraging and supporting the interactive growth of the film and music communities through a wide range of marketing, networking and advertising efforts. To accomplish these goals, the TFEMC wears many hats and serves many different entities on many different levels. The TFEMC is committed to serving as an information resource center for film and music industry professionals, marketing Tennessee as a location for film & video projects, coordinating film projects that take place on state property, serving as a liaison to metro, state and federal agencies, as well as the private sector.

Some of the key activities of TFEMC include: recruiting music and film projects and business to Tennessee; providing preliminary location photos and other resource information to industry professionals, both locally and worldwide; publishing the annual Tennessee Production Directory - a listing of more than 1000 film-related individuals and companies; encouraging the growth and interaction of film and music industries by supporting events, serving as a liaison between industry and government.

Film craft workers can have themselves listed for FREE at the Tennessee Film Production Directory. Special categories for students and internships are provided, as well at:


The Coalition of Independent Film Organizations

The Coalition of Independent Film Organizations was created in July of 2012 to serve as a unified, informed voice amongst the independent filmmaker and film organization community. The goals of the Coalition are to bring to the attention of filmmakers legislative and legal issues that might have implications for the larger independent film community; to become more proactive in educating independent film organizations on public policy matters; and to give opportunities to endorse amici briefs in relevant cases and support legislative and administrative acts.

Lastly, Just Who Is This Cameraman Conrad?

Cameraman Conrad was created in 2010 as the mascot for the Professional Film & Television Training Curriculum (PFTT) at Chattanooga State, which was created in cooperation with the Chattanooga Department of Education, Arts & Culture in 2008.

The idea for an online marketing mascot, or avatar, was born when Gig City co-chair Kris Jones took Chris Willis' Social Media class at Chatt. State. The then new concept of an anonymous spokesperson for the classes seemed like a perfect way to spread the word about the fast-track program to students online, especially via Facebook. He is now the "spokes-d.p." (Director of Photography) for "all things film" in the Scenic City and environs.

* Conrad is an homage to the late cameraman Conrad Hall, who won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography three times for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), American Beauty (1999) and Road to Perdition (2002).

Cameraman Conrad | Create Your Badge

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